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Solo Releases

Martin's first solo release was Poppy Salesman, followed a few years later by Operation Infinite Joy. OIJ became the first album in a 4-disc, limited-edition collection. The Nick Buzz album Berlin Cabarets and the two Danny Gross albums complete the set.

Danny Gross Part II cover

The Ghost of Danny Gross Part II (Spring)
1. The Ghost of Danny Gross
2. Spider, Spider, Outsider
3. Sunshine Blue-Heart
4. Something In Those Woods (take 2)
5. The Drumming Partridge
6. The Little Man Who Was Not There
7. Waterstriders (acoustic version)
8. Spring Peepers
9. Wayfaring Stranger
10. The Ghost of Danny Gross Reprise/The Seams Of A Moment

Released 2009, Six Shooter Records

The Ghost of Danny Gross Parts 1 and 2 - the first record album I wanted to make and probably the last I will make. Singles from here on out. Ending where you started? Always where I wanted to be. -- MRT

Danny Gross Part I cover

The Ghost of Danny Gross Part I (Winter)
1. Beautiful
2. The Underbrush
3. No Price At All, On His Head!
4. Ice
5. The House With The Laughing Windows
6. The Dead Children
7. Something In Those Woods (take 1)
8. I Saw The Sun Last Night
9. Storm
10. Jet
11. Flying
12. The Michigan Mumbler
13. We Don't Have Any Time
14. L'Astronaut

Released 2009, Six Shooter Records

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OIJ cover

Operation Infinite Joy
1. Beauty On [Watch Video]
2. OK by Me
3. The Temperance Society Choir
4. Sergeant Kraulis [Watch Video]
5. Andy by the Lake
6. Cold Blooded Old Times [Watch Video]
7. Winnipeg
8. Waterstriders [Watch Video]
9. Ship of Fire
10. Kathleen

Released 2003, Six Shooter Records

OIJ - Introducing Happiness, but we were actually quite happy. After restraining myself on the Poppy Salesman I wanted to lay it on thick. -- MRT

Poppy Salesman Cover

We Didn't Even Suspect That He Was The Poppy Salesman
1. I'll Never Tear You Apart [Watch Video]
2. My Sweet Relief
3. Double X
4. Voices from the Wilderness
5. Farmer in the City (Remembering Pasolini)
6. World in a Wall
7. That's How They Do It in Warsaw
8. How Can You Sleep
9. She Said, "We're on Our Way Down"
10. From the Reel [Watch Video]
11. Wetbrain/Your War

Released 2001, Six Shooter Records

Martin Tielli aka the Poppy album - Started to like Hamilton when I recorded this record. Mike Phillip had a specific microphone he liked on my voice that had an intermittent cable. -- MRT

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with Nick Buzz

A Quiet Evening At Home is a brand new release. Circo was first released in 1996, then re-released in 2002 by Six Shooter Records. Berlin Cabarets is part of a limited-edition 4-disc set (see Solo Releases). Nick Buzz is Jonathan Goldsmith, Rob Piltch, Hugh Marsh, and MRT.

Quiet Evening at Home cover

A Quiet Evening At Home
1. The Hens Lay Everyday
2. This Is Not My World
3. Mïlchig
4. Sea Monkeys
5. If You Go Away
6. The Happy Matador
7. Eliza
8. A Quiet Evening At Home
9. Uncle Bumbo’s Christmas
10. The House With The Laughing Windows
11. Aluminum Flies
12. The Birds of Lanark County

Released August 20, 2013, Six Shooter Records

Berlin Cabarets cover

Berlin Cabarets
1. Gigerlette
2. Der genugsame Liebhaber (the Modest Lover)
3. Galathea
4. Arie aus dem Speigel von Arcadien (Aria from the Arcadian Mirror)

Released 2004, Six Shooter Records

The Berlin Cabarets, Arnold Schoenberg - Strange old music that I grew to understand. -- MRT

Circo cover

1. Spilling the Wonderful
2. That's What You Get For Having Fun
3. Just Because
4. River [Watch Video]
5. Sane, So Sane
6. A Hymn To The Situation
7. Fornica Tango
8. Love Streams [Watch Video]
9. Aliens Break A Heart
10. The Italian Singer/Just Because I'm Nick the Buzz

Original release 1996, Dark Light Music. Rerelease 2002, Six Shooter Records.

Circo... Musical heroes of mine. Giants. Jon Goldsmith, Hugh Marsh and Rob Piltch. Hugh asked me to sing on an improvised version of the Joni Mitchell song "River" when Mary Margaret O'Hara couldn't do it. After performing it on TV we decided that we had to do an album (that version is on the album). Recorded nights on off hours at a jingle studio, I'd bring in a song or 3 and we would just record them top to bottom. This is truly "pop" music. That no one seems to understand that confounds me. Again, like all my favorite things, it happened as though it had to. Naturally and by mistake. We still play together and are working on a new record. -- MRT

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with Rheostatics

Whale Music cover

Visit the official Rheostatics website for a full discography, track listings and more.

Rheos albums:
Night of the Shooting Stars
The Story of Harmelodia
The Nightline Sessions
Double Live
Sweet, Rich, Beautiful and Mine, 7”
The Blue Hysteria
Music Inspired by The Group of Seven
Introducting Happiness
Whale Music
Greatest Hits

Other Collaborations

Instant Klassix
Mary Buckets [Watch Video]

From the movie Black Widow
Martin's Lullaby, sung by Mary Margaret O'Hara [Watch Video]

With Laura Barrett
Northern Wish, for City Sonic at the AGO [Watch Video]

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